Digital Project Delivery - Documents Validation

A part of my role at the University of Birmingham is to ensure that the digital document delivery by our supply chain partners conforms to our Information Management Requirements.

The Information Management Requirements are detailed in a document which I developed as part of my role. They are issued to contractors with the tender packs to which they respond in the BIM Execution Plan. The requirements are designed to make an improvement to the traditional sioed approach to managing information on projects which can result in duplication, error and unclear single source of truth. They detail the processes required from the supply chain partners to deliver project documentation and share collaboratively between teams. They also specify the naming convention uninitialised at the University and other document information required upon upload and issuing.

Utilising the requirements correctly enables the university to quickly identify the needed documents for operational activities or compliance whilst making sure that everyone is working from the latest document version.

To assure that requirements are met, I have developed a series of Power BI dashboard which look at the information delivered at handover in a visual and interactive way. The dashboards use information originating directly from Business Collaborator which can be refreshed at any one time.

Video presentation of the University common Data Environment.

A video presentation for the University Common Data Environment

Document Validation Power BI Dashboards